I have been painting my entire life, but never realized it was a true passion of mine until later in life. I always knew I saw beauty in the world where others couldn’t, and had interpretations of life that others didn’t. I now use that beauty to inspire my creativity to come to life. My current abstract work allows my unique interpretations of subjects to be shown to the viewer. 

Like the layers of my life that contributed to my artistic realization, I paint with layers to create a depth and luminosity that would notnormally be there. Along with the paint on the canvas, my work is always evolving. I try to keep it fresh and exciting for myself and the viewer.

Throughout the painting my spirit and emotions are being spilled onto the canvas, in hopes that they are relayed to the viewer. Colors and brush strokes come through from my earlier feelings in the painting playing a part in the overall work. With each painting, I hope that the viewer will experience the passion that I communicate within my work. 

Art Education

1980-1982                 Iona College, New Rochelle, NY

                                oElective Courses in Fine Art and Photography

1990-2000                 Chester County Art Association, West Chester, PA

                                oStudied Painting under Eo Omwake, Mark T. Cole and

                                    Wendy Schierer

20001-2009               Yellow Springs Studio, Chester Springs, PA

                                oStudied Drawing and Painting under Janet Hammond,

                                    Alice Meyer-Wallace and Robert Terry

2009-Present    Wayne Art Center, Wayne, PA

                                oStudying Painting under Georganna Lenssen and Kassem                                        Amoudi


Summer Studios, Avalon, NJ

Deconstructed Living, Wayne, PA

Beauty Gallery, Newtown Square, PA


Chester County Art Association, West Chester, PA

Delaware Valley Art League

The Plastic Club of Philadelphia

Wayne Art Center


Wayne Art Center - Student Award

Chester County Art Association - Honorable Mention

Beauty Gallery - Honorable Mention

The Plastic Club - 2nd Place